Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Jewel in the Night" Is The First Video Music was Recorded in International Space Station (ISS)

Using Soundcloud and YouTube, astronaut Chris Hadfield beamed a song from space to Earth.

Hadfield recorded "Jewel in the Night" aboard the International Space Station this week, saying, "You can hear the slight buzz of the station's fans in the background."

He adds the song is "some of the first original music written for and performed on" the ISS.

Hadfield, with the Canadian Space Agency, is the commander of the 147-day ISS mission.

Hadfield shared the Soundcloud player and a YouTube video on Twitter, where he has been keeping people updated on his space adventures. Here's a sampling of his holiday tweets:

"Our stockings are hung by the Node 3 hatch with care, in hope that St Nicklaus has a big red spacesuit. Music on High - playing Christmas carols while floating over the eastern Mediterranean. Miraculous."

Days before launching into space to arrive on the ISS, Hadfield participated in "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit. In his introduction, he explained that he attempts to routinely check his social media for questions and comments from followers.

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